Thursday, January 27, 2011


Lagu ni dari seorang YOUTUBER.  Empunya nama FARAH SAHUDIN!!Lagu ni best gila kot!!Dia ni ada bakat mencipta lirik, menggubah lagu, menyanyi dan pandai bermain gitar.  Gabungan skil yang sangat menarik bagi aku...*pernah belajar main gitar, tapi sekerat jalan je -.-

Alaa...macam ANA RAFALI gitu...tapi dia ni baru je habis SPM..tapi ok what??

So, enjoy yourself ok!! :D


Lirik -:

It hurts when you tell me things

I never want to hear
I thought I can look up to you
though you're not here


Whatever may happen
I'll remember the way we laughed together
The way you sober
And the way we closure

Never wanted us to be over
Lets be friends forever
And hope that tomorrow will be better

Without you I will never be
who I am today
Nothing's wrong even if we do
things our own way


After all of this years
We've wasted our own tears
And hold on to what we called love

We learned form the past
Not everything lasts
We should go back to where we start it all



Amacam???best kan!!so, siapa yang ada bakat macam tu...rogerroger aku kehy..nanti aku promote..kikikiki!!


YF : Hope we can be friends forever 
if we are not meant to be :)

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