Friday, November 11, 2011



First of all, please forgive me for everything that I had done. May be I just not realize that I'm hurting someone's feeling. I don't know about what. May be I just did it. I'm sorry again. I really mean it. :)

Nowadays, I'm keeping on 'staring' the humankind's behaviours. I'm 'staring' with mine too. Yeah. I'm a jerk. Totally a loser.  I admit it. To be honest,  I don't know what to do else. I really don't even know what I'm doing right now. Not have a clue. I know that people always do mistakes. With or without they realize it. Same goes with me too. But, what should I do? That question keep appearing in my mind. I don't know yours but I'm pretty sure that you all have that kind of problem too. Sometimes, I guess. Am I right? ;P

Actually, I'm so embrace with myself. Feel so useless. Yeah. It's the same crap that I keep talking about. USELESS. I want to throw away that thought! It really do killing me softly. Slowly. But still hurts. Fuh! You know what kind of feel of that? Naa. You don't. Oh yeah? You have the same size with my shoes? Hahaha. I hope so. Joking. LOL.

Okay. I'm the blurry girl, with the messy thoughts, and of course, not really attractive like others. Stop typing nonsense YF. Don't dragging their mind into yours. Hahaha!  

Again, I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. Fuh!
I keep on doing that, right? That 'FUH' . XD
Forget it.
Enjoy your day. Hope it will be the greatest day ever.

p/s : Sorry again for the worst grammatical. XD


YF : I do love you. #mysoulmate



YF : I won't if I don't want too.


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